Sunday, January 30, 2005

At last!

Most of you probably wonder why the site hasn't been updated in about a week. No, I wasn't kidnapped by ninjas because I was working on a top secret project. The answer is simpler : I was preparing a surprise! I registered a domain,, got hosted at TotalChoiceHosting (I totally recommend these guys, incredible price, package, service!), moved all the content and the template of TheScientistBlog to Movable Type, optimized everything, installed a phpBB forum, coded some PHP scripts, etc.

TheScientistBlog won't be updated anymore, so update your bookmarks / rss feeds over to Biology News. Same quality news, updated daily by yours truly, with the occasional comment. If you were kind enough to link to TheScientistBlog, feel free to update your links. The new site loads much faster now (the pages are smaller; Blogger hid the extended post content, but it was still downloaded), news are Category sorted, I will be able to put up PHP scripts, including polls on the frontpage, comment security is better (I was getting spam in some posts, and blogger wasn't very comment deletion friendly) with typekey authentication, future posting... See you there!

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