Friday, December 03, 2004


Sorry for the slow news, but the last few days were quite a rush. To make a long story short, I've finished this week the (complicated) construction of a new virus I'll use in my doctorate (yeah I'm in bioinformatics, but I'm a touch-to-everything kind of guy, and I love the thrill associated with molecular biology). I'm almost a month ahead of schedule, which is a very good thing.

About the favicon thing, I noticed that its not working for IE folks because it isn't named favicon.ico... but Mozilla/FireFox can use the .jpg. I'll upload the .ico as soon as I can. The forum will wait, as I got no comments showing interest for it right now. As a last note, ad performance is a little disappointing lately, even tough traffic is increasing nicely, so I might change the layout / position of ads. I hope they stay informative/interesting/targeted without being too evident/annoying. Drop a comment if you got suggestions/feedback about the current design.

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