Friday, November 05, 2004

VIBE for Mac OS X

VIBE (Visual Integrated Bioinformatics Environment) from Incogen just got released for Mac OS X. Previously, it was available for Unix and Windows platform only. Apple being popular within the scientific world (for some obscure reason I can't quite explain) probably justified the move. In case you wonder :

"The INCOGEN Visual Integrated Bioinformatics Environment (VIBE) is a state-of-the-art, drag-and-drop analysis workflow management environment."
If you wanna see VIBE in action, a tutorial flash video is available.

Basically, its used to build a data analysis pipelines with little to no effort. A powerful drag/drop interface allow you to build graphically pipelines, with conditions / parallel analyses. Its a lot better than scripting command line functions. Of course, only labs doing high throughput sequence analysis (lots of BLAST, FASTA, Gene prediction, etc) can justify buying this software (it isn't exactly cheap), but its interesting to see that Mac still has developers attention in the bioinformatics world.

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