Monday, November 08, 2004

UK PhD opportunity

My friend Daniel over at Bioplanet asked me to publish a (very good, in my opinion) Ph.D. opportunity. Genomics and Bibliomics are currently very hot subfields of Bioinformatics. Here's the ad...

PhD Studentship at Cardiff University, UK

The PhD title is "Application of improved automated text mining to cancer transcriptome datasets" and centres on the development of improved mechanisms to mine gene-associated metadata (PubMed, OMIM, etc) associated with groups of genes identified through mass-parallel 'omic techniques. It will use real datasets that are being produced on the Affymetrix gene expression platform through our CRUK Programme Grant, but the techniques would be generally applicable to other techniques (e.g. proteomics, Taqman arrays, etc).

The student would join a small but active bioinformatics team and the other members of the CRUK Programme in our new Henry Wellcome Building at the School of Medicine. It would particularly suit a student with existing mathematical, statistical or computer science skills who wished to broaden their experience into the biomedical field.

Further details of the studentship can be found at:

Supervisor: Professor David Kipling

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