Monday, October 25, 2004

Support Firefox!

I added a Spread FireFox! button on the sidebar. Don't see it? It's because you're wise and already using Firefox. I'm using a flaw in IE 6.0 CSS interpretation to display it on IE browsers only... A good way to show your browser limitations while spreading the word! Honestly, Firefox is 100% better. Unlike IE, it can't let you (intentionaly or not) install spyware or other nasty stuff. It has tabbed browsing (I can't do without it now!), great support, and many extensions available. The best one is hands down WeatherFox, which give you international forecast in your status bar. I am proud to let you know that the idea for this extension originates from... me! Following one of my post on MozillaZine, crafteh took the project and masterfully made this wonderful extension. And there's even extensions for bio and bioIT folks! Check out BioFox and BioBar. You can even add Pubmed in place of the little Google search bar! Switch to Firefox. It imports your IE bookmarks. I never stumbled upon a site it wouldn't render. It is better in just about everyway I can imagine. And the fox is so cute, too!

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