Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Slashdot article

Mildly interesting article on Slashdot (re)covering resistance to HIV-1 by CCR5delta32 homozygotes... some good, informed comments in the thread (some by me). The general public opinion is also always interesting to see on such topics! See it at here.

My nasal infection got a lot worse yesterday... sinus infection to be precise... trust me, it's not a pretty sight :( Will hopefully get a lot better by the weekend. Meanwhile, my Virus-of-doom project is nearing completion... Basically, it's HIV-1 expressing a murine membrane protein, to be able to to a FACS (fluorescence assisted cell sorting) on infected cells (tell which cells are productively infected in a population). With a little luck, the ligase is working as we speak... :)

Also for some reason the top Google Adsense bar stopped displaying since I did the titlebar update... will check into that. And the side one is displaying pictures now... less effective than word-based ads I think, but we'll see!

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