Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Constraints, advertising and Automn colors

Had a wonderful idea this weekend to study viral latency... sadly it would require to add 1.2-1.5 kb of stuff to the HIV-1 genome, which I'm not sure is feasible due to capsid space constraints. 2 copies of the genome are packaged in each virion, and space is limited... I'm not quite sure what the maximum capacity is :| I'm not thrilled at the idea of doing lots of complex molecular biology manipulations (which require time... often a lot more than you predicted) to find out the thing just won't package!

We just went past the 1000 hits mark as I post... a milestone for my first website. The path from 500 to 1000 have been a lot quicker than 0-500, which I guess is normal. The majority (80%) of the traffic comes from Slashdot as I post often there(the URL is in my sig). The rest comes from Bioplanet and the NWSFC Molecular Biology forums. I'm looking for ways to increase my exposure somehow. Had a mixed experience with sciforums... a post I made there attracted one person (IdleMind) with whom it was productive to exchange ideas, and lots of nazist comments along the line "Put all people with AIDS in camp and let them die". You get the idea... Know some forums where lots of intelligent people exchange ideas? Leave a comment! Links exchange could also be a solution with websites that attract people with biology / computer interests, or just plain interesting people with ideas and opinions. I'm thinking about implementing a small forum here, as I don't like the comment system and bioinformatics forums are... lacking (except maybe Bioplanet). Other ideas to make the whole thing an interesting experience for everyone are appreciated.

As a side note, the woods at my University are just WONDERFULLY colored right now. Hope that wind / rain won't take it all away before the weekend... Nature has such a beautiful way to die... Here's a picture from last year I took in one of my town's garden :

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