Thursday, October 07, 2004

C# and my programing project.

Been reading documentation on C# to update my skills from C++... as far as I can see, it's a little better with small improvements here and there, but nothing radical. I have mixed feeling about the 'departure' of pointers (ok, they're still accessible if I really want to), harder to make my program take down the whole system this way, but I kinda liked the intellectual challenge with pointers managements. Nostalgia I guess :)

Been looking at the NCBI toolkit too, in part because I plan to program an application that could (partially) automate the tedious post-microarray data mining. Inferring gene-gene interaction network from publications in Pubmed (not unlike Bibliosphere) coupled with other sources (GO ontology, protein domains, sequence similarity, etc) is the plan. It's the bioinformatics part of my PhD project and still at the conceptual phase, but would really save time if I can manage to do it.

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