Saturday, October 30, 2004

Bioinformatics news

Just came across BioInform, a Bioinformatics news website (which is kinda rare). Found one headline interesting, but quickly noticed you have to 'subscribe' to read the actual news (nothing is available, not even a few sentences preview). I then searched for the price of the subscription, and eventually found it (its hidden somewhere in the pdf form, not the web based one). 95$ (which I assume to be US$) for 12 issues. So for 100 bucks, you get 3 months of 'news', most of which are more financial than bioinformatics related. Dumb business plan is you ask me; customers could get more for their money searching Google news for 'bioinformatics'. Or visiting my blog for highly targeted, relevant and free content!

Of course, if any of you want to pay me 400 bucks / year... I'd be glad! Just one 'subscriber' could outclass ads revenue from Adsense for decades :)

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