Thursday, September 09, 2004

Did I praised Adsense earlier?

Well, I don't say Adsense is bad... far from that. I spoke about AIDS for two posts, and got ads about... AIDS. But some were about... 'natural chinese ways to cure AIDS, stop using drugs!' and the like. I DO NOT approve any 'natural' or 'homeopathic' treatment of any sort for any disease. I banned these URLs from being displayed by Adsense... if you spot more, please warn me as soon as possible.

Historical lessons 1 : Homeopathy draw its roots (well, at least its 'credibility') from an article published in the highly prestigious journal Nature :

DAVENAS E, BEAUVAIS F, AMARA J, OBERBAUM M, ROBINZON B, MIADONNA A, TEDESCHI A, POMERANZ B., FORTNER P, BELON P, SAINTE-LAUDY J, POITEVIN B, BENVENISTE J: Human basophil degranulation triggered by very dilute antiserum against IgE. NATURE, 1988, 333-816-818.

This paper basically said that water kept 'memory' of molecules that it once contained, so that even by diluting a concentrated solution so that no molecules are present (theorically), water would preserve the molecules function. It got published. In Nature, no less. The guy in question, Benveniste, even won the Ig Nobel prize years later for this and unrelated work, adding to the 'confidence' general people attribute to his 'work' (see the confusion it cause? Ig Nobel Prizes are awarded to worthless science that couldn't be reproduced). However, the Nature journal sent a team to his lab to confirm his observations, double check his protocols, etc (this is a condition you must accept to publish in Nature). To make a long story short, results couldn't be reproduced by individual labs, and it made a BIG scandal in the scientific world. Benveniste lost his funds, his lab, etc.

What's sad it that homeopathethic (heh) people picked this 'proof' to 'confirm' that the FUD they're selling at 40$ a bottle really works. They say... see? It's proven! Nature! Nobel Prize! Biggest Charlatans (is this even english?) of the modern era, abusing people's confidence.

Even sadder : lots of people actually BELIEVE and DEFEND the guy (Benveniste). Google for his name just for fun; top 20 pages are pro homeopathy FUD.

The saddest part is Benveniste himself, who now works on (hold your breath) 'digital biology'. What's that you say? The ability of (quote from his bullshit website "believe that the specific activity of biologically-active molecules (e.g. histamine, caffeine, nicotine, adrenalin), not to mention the immunological signature of a virus or bacterium can be recorded and digitized using a computer sound card, just like an ordinary sound". Wow. He even say it can be transmitted over phone or the internet and still 'transmit' the biological function of the molecule. The guy clearly lost it... Seriously.

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