Sunday, July 11, 2004

I always feel extremely tired on weekends. Must be cause I wake up at 1:00 pm to recover from lost sleep during the week. Can't be good for circadian rythms ;) On this subject, very interesting research is done via microarrays on drosophilia... check it out on pubmed! Very elegant stuff (life never cease to amaze me!) See : DNA microarray analyses of circadian timing: the genomic basis of biological time by Duffield GE for a good review.

Watched the world chess championship match today (finals between Adams and Kasim). It was a very intense match! And Adams won, so there's a final match tomorrow (and rapid blitz in case of a draw). The winner get to play Kasparov... can't wait to see that ;)

Now let's get some work done... cmon, just 2 graphs to do...

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